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Jacobs story

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Growing up

Jacob grew up in the small town of Pillager Minnesota and was the pride and joy of his parents, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Jacob spent time with his family members every single day. He was involved in many different organizations in his 19 years. He was a proud member of the Brainerd Warrior Football team, CLC trap team, Forest View high altitude balloon club, Cub Scouts, Brainerd Snodeo club, K kids, 4H shooting sports, FFA sentinel officer, horse riding and Western Minnesota Steam Thrashers Reunion (Rollag). Jacob was a member of Lord Of Life Lutheran Church and had many discussions with Pastors about his faith and what he believed. Many thought that one day Jacob would become a Minister because of his effortless connections with everyone he met. After high school, Jacob attended Central Lakes College and received a diesel technician AS degree along with his commercial drivers license.



Jacob’s true calling was music. At the age of three, Jacob really made it known he loved to sing. As he got older, he sang everywhere he went and many of Jacob’s friends stated “we never needed a radio when Jacob was around.” 

With Jacob truly being an old soul, he really enjoyed singing the older country songs. He spent many days camping with his family and would walk around to other campsites, asking people if they would like him to sing for them.  

While in FFA, Jacob competed with his singing talent on a regional, state and national level. After he was just out of high school Jacob met Ken Lacy, a talent scout and part owner of Lakes Jam. Ken was able to find Jacob some gigs around the Brainerd Lakes Area. Quickly Jacob started getting calls from all over the surrounding areas to perform. 

the tragedy

While Jacob was working on the farm, he was sent to go pick up a tractor part from a nearby town and was in a horrible car accident. The driver of the other vehicle was injured badly. From that moment forward, Jacob carried the weight of the other driver's injuries and made it very clear that when he made it big in his music career, he would make sure the man had everything he needed and would be well taken care of. 

A week before his Lakes Jam performance Jacob was cyberbullied on social media by individuals who did not like that Jacob was continuing to follow his dream and was performing on the stage at the upcoming Lakes Jam event. The social media posts became even more horrifying and had many, not even knowing the situation, commenting terrible things about Jacob. When Jacob's family saw the cyberbullying attack they tried to get a hold of Jacob non-stop. Calling with no answer, family members rushed to try and locate him. Within the hour of the cyberbullying attacks, Jacob left school and headed home where he was found soon after by his family members. Jacob was given CPR and transported by helicopter to the hospital where his family was informed he suffered non-survivable brain damage. Jacob went to heaven two days later. 


Jacob is so loved and incredibly missed by his family and friends. Jacob's family and friends have had a lot to endure with this malicious attack online, which ultimately took Jacob's life. Jacob's family and friends are trying to live as Jacob would have wanted. God loving, honesty, integrity, honor and hardworking are a few he stood for.

Jacob's family and friends are now


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